4 Facts About Cyprus

Cyprus is among the few country Islands in Europe. It is particularly located in the Eastern Mediterranean. Cyprus has, for so many years, been a global tourist site due to the history and general beauty of the Island country.

Cyprus has several interesting facts as discussed below;

1. Home to the oldest wine brand.

The oldest wine brand as named by the Guinness Book Committee is the Commandaria. The dessert wine is the ideal choice for most wine lovers due to its flavor and unique aroma. The wine is said to hold a history of around 5,000 years.

As if that is not enough, it is said that King Richard actually drank this wine on his wedding day. This resulted in his name as the ‘The king of wines’

2. Oldest perfume bottle.

We have always known France to be the home to perfumes and scents due to the many years the country has been distributing scents and perfumes all over the world till lately when an Italian archaeologist changed the belief. The archaeologists discovered the oldest perfume bottle. According to an analysis done on the perfume bottle, it is said to be at least 4,000 years old. The bottle contained traces of almond, anise, bergamot, parsley, pine, and coriander.

3. 1st Nation to include a map on the flag.

Unlike other countries, Cyprus is the first country which actually to have its map on the flag. There are only two countries with their map on the flag; Kosovo and Cyprus. A Turkish-Cypriot art teacher designed the Cyprus flag.

4. Cyprus was once among the richest nations.

Different from the current situation, Cyprus was once among the richest countries in the globe. There were various minerals in the Island, including Bronze and Copper. These minerals helped rank the Country Island among the wealthiest nations – take a look here about top destinations in cyprus.

In Cyprus, you will also find restaurants that are strictly meant for men. This sounds crazy, but it’s actually real.

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